21 September 2012


I just adore this ombre wall that I found whilst rummaging in the portfolio of Swedish photographer Magnus Anesund, especially as it's in my favourite colour. How to achieve it is quite another matter! Happy Friday :)

19 September 2012

S T U F F + T H I N G S

01 - Homemade lamb stew with doughballs - slow cooker you are my new best friend!
02 - Little Eamonn hijacking any available nook or cranny to keep himself warm... luckily those ain't my jeans :)
03 - What is it with cats and boxes??
04 - Black square tips as seen on door sixteen (can you tell I just rediscovered my Model's Own pen after a liftetime 9 months?)
05 - Spicy chorizo and sweet potato soup, or at least it will be in an hour or two!
06 - Lovely new cushions and blanket from Ikea, modelled by Little A

17 September 2012

# M O N D A Y W I S H L I S T 0 3

This week has gone by so quick! In that time I've managed to... purchase some paint for my chair socks DIY project / visit an antiques and vintage fair / acquire a marvellous vintage trunk at said fair / choose the wall  to blackboard paint (the options was narrowed down considerably when I accidentally threw red wine over the wall in question!) and celebrate little Eamonn's birthday - hence the cat tribute!!

10 September 2012

# M O N D A Y W I S H L I S T 0 2

This week I've been in love with purple and turquoise, and wishing I could be as cool as Susannah Vento, who styled the shot. I love all the clashing geometries and prints and frankly I can't say no to a bit of turquoise at the best of times. Incidentally, the chair with the blue socks is from Susannah's own home, which is all black, white and blue and just what you would expect from a Interior Stylist! I've been trying to think of a way to customize my (slightly boring) blue Ikea chairs, and this could be it. It looks pretty easy to do, so right up my street then! I've also rediscovered Fine Little Day, a Swedish company who make both the cushion and the pot stand which you can see for yourself here.

7 September 2012


Black, white and animal themed you say? Don't you just love it when you find all your favourite things combined together? These don't really look like the most practical items ever, but actually who cares when they're that pretty. You can find them (and lots of other cuteasabutton products) here.

6 September 2012



I have to admit I'm a sucker for a bit of text, and here are some cute ideas I've found of how to incorporate text with interiors. Isn't the embroidered door just amazing?!? The artist Sarah Greves doesn't stop with furniture either, and even embroiders bananas and chocolate - it's pretty impressive! The second picture is taken from Panta Rhei School in Amstelveen, which incidentally is super close to my old home in Amsterdam. The interior was done by the Dutch practice i29, who modelled the words into "carpets of text" giving them a graphic quality when viewed from a distance. You can check out other pictures from the school here.

3 September 2012

# M O N D A Y W I S H L I S T

So I'm finally back in Edinburgh! Amsterdam has been fantastic, stressful and fun and I miss it immensely but it was definately time to come home and take my chances in bonnie Scotland. Between job applications and crafting my new and improved CV, I have been gathering a stack of images to help me along with the interior of the flat. Although the basics are there, there is still loads to do and I'm getting the fear that it's going to end up a little characterless #Ikea overdose unless I find some alternatives sharpish! Here's what's on my wishlist this week...