13 June 2011

D O T D : P U Z Z L E

Oh my goodness I just can’t keep up with the design world! I’ve seen so many things over the weekend that I’d like to blog about but I’ve had no time whatsoever. And all the spare moments I’ve had have been spent watching the wonderful tennis. Did anyone see Andy Murray win at Queens this afternoon? I sneakily watched it in the office, hiding behind my computer!  

I saw this lovely little table earlier, which I think reminds me subliminally of my current mood (not quite with it). I should explain. It’s called Missing Pieces, and is made up, unsurprisingly, of all the missing pieces from hundreds of jigsaw puzzles. Designed by Rupert McKelvie, it reflects the notion of creating something of worth with objects that would otherwise be redundant, which is a nice idea. It’s recycling at its best!

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