7 June 2011

A R C H I V E 0 1

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I have a unequivocal lust for buildings like this. Anything barn shaped, or rocking the archetypal house look with a cute little pitched roof I guarantee I will love. This holiday home in Suffolk by MVRDV is no exception, which is poised on the cusp on a hill and looks like it could come unstuck at any moment. Although the building is entered at ground level, the 15m cantilever forces inhabitants headlong into nature and provides two different experiences of the environment. A glass floor in the living room serves as a constant reminder of the building's precarious position. Although I like it, I feel like you would suddenly become more conscious of your weight in this house (particularly on the swing), which is probably not a good thing!

Generally, I wouldn't like this shiny sort of material, but in this case I think it works very well. Given the form of the building, I really think a non-domestic-home material is fundamental in keeping the design contemporary. It's also pretty good at reflecting the greens of the forest, which allows the house to integrate better with the surroundings. What's not to love..?

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