8 June 2011


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Ok so today's Design of the Day is ever so slightly off topic, in that it's not anything to do with architecture! It's a one off, I promise! I just think it should be mentioned as it's the reason I haven't been blogging as much as I should because I've been stressing about it. I'm attempting to make myself a costume for a party, and this is the challenge I have set myself. The theme is under the sea, which I think is actually pretty difficult, unless you want to go as the Little Mermaid! ( I have heard that Ursula is going to be there, so I'm V excited about that!) So, last week at work whilst I was 'researching' images of jellyfish, crabs, shrimp, and any other sea creatures I could think off, I came across a pic of Gaga sporting a lobster and that was me sold. Easy, I thought, all I need is a plastic lobster and some spray paint. Hmmm, quite.

So,yesterday I received my lovely red lobster through the post and last night I spray painted, glittered glue-ed and diamanted my little heart out. The result is semi-decent, which is a relief as I was having doubts about the whole outfit. Now I'm left with the impossible task of getting it on my head, as it's actually quite heavy. I'm thinking wire coathanger...? I'm also going to try and do the dress out of the polythene or whatever I can pick up in B&Q later today. I will be wearing slightly more clothes though, rest assured! The last thing is the hair. My hair is blonde already, but I've bought some lovely yellow spray for the underneath parts. I just don't know if (as my hair is highlighted already) the colour will stay in permanently. Does anyone know? I really don't want to be sporting out-of-date Gaga locks on a permanent basis!   

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